Q&A with Fatima from Kaya Catering

While scoping locations for the 2016 Forum, the Global Ideas team discovered Fatima, owner of Kaya Catering.

Fatima bustled up to us in her catering uniform, catching the team by surprise as we sat in the event space working through event logistics. At that stage, Fatima was working with a large catering company, with hopes of getting her own business off the ground. She asked excitedly all about Global Ideas and the Forum, and left with one of our numbers.

Over the next two weeks, we received what felt like constant calls from Fatima, asking when our next Lab or Jam event was. So, of course, when planning our next Lab, we called on Fatima.

Since then, Fatima has catered for every Global Ideas event, even including team dinners at the house of the organisation’s chair, Lloyd. This year will be the first time Fatima will cater for the Global Ideas Forum, and she has an exciting menu in store.

We truly love Fatima and everything she stands for; she’s become our Global Ideas mother! So we sat down with her recently to ask her about Kaya Catering and what she wants to contribute to the Forum.


Global Ideas: What do you do that’s unique?

Fatima: Kaya Catering brings a variety of dishes – spanning fresh Asian, Western and Middle Eastern cuisine. Only the best ingredients are used – then prepared immediately prior to the event.

Global Ideas: Why do you want to be involved with the Global Ideas Forum?

Fatima: Kaya feels privileged to be part of Global Ideas, who have great ambitions to make the world a healthier place. Global Ideas events offer valuable feedback from participants who include professionals in health care and environment, which opens the door to a range of catering opportunities. Kaya is fortunate to meet with interesting participants to experience our food. It’s great to be able to feed groups of 20 to 200 people over one or multiple days.

Global Ideas: What do you want to add to the forum?

Fatima: I hope to contribute a sense of well-being through a cross cultural sampling of dishes to excite the palate, and impact positively on the mood of the event. Happy faces and empty plates. And no distraction from the event agenda!


All meals are included in your Forum ticket. Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian & omni/carnivores are all well catered for.


Turn your passion into action (and eat delicious food!) at #GIF17.

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And if you’re interested in event catering from Fatima, call Kaya Catering on 0468 840 884 or email info@kayacatering.com.au.