Reimagine Time

Reimagine Time

In the spirit of Global Health: Re-imagined, over the four Reimagine Time (RT) sessions you will be walked through the steps of the ‘Human-centred design’ approach to developing innovative, agile solutions to wicked global health problems.

This year we’ve partnered with 15 organisations who work to improve global health in our region. They are:

– The Fred Hollows Foundation (our principal partner)
– The Burnet Institute (major partner)
– Australian Volunteers International (program partner)
– The Nossal Institute for Global Health (program partner)
– Trekmedic
– The Waterwell project
– Healthy Futures
– Homeless of Melbourne (HoM)
– Dream Larger
– Community Based Healthcare Project (CBHP)
– Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA)
– International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
– Oaktree
– Kinfolk Cafe
– WaterAid Australia

Find yours on your name badge!


After watching the video ‘What is Design Thinking‘, you’ll split from the plenary hall and reconvene in your small Reimagine Time (RT) group with your allocated partner organisation.

Their representative will introduce their organisation, then pitch a real-world challenge they face in their work- and most importantly, the humans it relates to. RT #1 is about empathising with the people affected or driving this particular issue, then qualitatively defining a human-centred challenge that reflects who they are, their needs and the drivers of their current set of circumstances.

For more reading on the whole Human-centred design process, check out the Stanford dSchool PROCESS GUIDE.

Reimagine Time 2.0 – IDEATING, DECIDING

You have defined a human-centred challenge- RT 2.0 is about ideation– ‘going wide’ and generating as many creative, out of the box ideas that just might help your situation. These will be on post-its that will then coalesce into thematic clouds on your butcher paper. Your team will collaborate, discuss and finally, settle on one combined idea you’d like to build.

Check out the Stanford Dschool ‘Ideate mixtape‘ for more tips about this phase of design thinking.

Reimagine Time 3.0 – PROTOTYPING

Your human-centred idea is about to take shape – session 3 is all about prototyping– building your idea with ongoing consultation from your partner organisation and facilitator. Have fun, let the creative juices flow, can’t wait to hear the pitch in session #4!

For some inspiration, check out the Stanford Dschool ‘Experimenting mixtape‘ with tips about the prototyping phase.

Reimagine Time 4.0 – TESTING

It’s time to pitch! The two teams in each group will pitch their chosen prototype to one another for about 5 minutes. After each pitch, a SWOT (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats) analysis will be completed and your partner + Global Ideas representative will provide feedback.

Finally, you’ll be able to debrief about the design process as a whole. What did you like about human-centred design? What didn’t work for you or your team? Let us know.

Remember: Reimagine Time is not a competition; rather “the journey is it’s own reward”.

We hope that each delegate will get a taste of the process of human-centred design, have fun working closely with a team of open-minded people and develop some creative, human-centred ideas that they can be proud of.