Five Fast Facts about Tasman Bain

Tasman Bain

GIF17 speaker Tasman Bain is a social entrepreneur, a campaigner to end violence against women and a leading voice in youth mental health issues. Here, he answers our “Fast Five” questions.


1. What was your dream job growing up?

TB: From youngest to adolescence: detective, astronomer, archaeologist, comedian, historian, diplomat.


2. If you could master one skill that you don’t already have, what would it be?

TB: Running a marathon sub four hours would be nice. Also driving a car or speaking French or Arabic.


3. If we were able to live on Mars now, would you sign up to go?

TB: Only if it meant a free life-long supply of potatoes.


4. If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

TB: CBRN weapons and cluster munitions because they are the scourge on peace and international humanitarian law.  


5. If you could speak to everyone in the world at the same time, what would you say?

TB: As Russell–Einstein Manifesto stated, “remember your humanity and forget the rest”. Or perhaps something from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.


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