Five Fast Facts about Manoj Gambhir

Manoj Gambir

Manoj Gambhir is the Population Health Team lead at IBM Research Australia. He’ll be on the Technology and Global Health Panel at GIF17 and leading a workshop on making technology and data accessible to the people who need it most.

But first, he answers our “Fast Five” questions.


1. What was your dream job growing up?

MG: Two diametrically opposite jobs: An evolutionary biologist working somewhere beautiful like a coral reef, or someone smart, cool and sophisticated in high finance on Wall Street!


2. If you could master one skill that you don’t already have, what would it be?

MG: I’d love to be an accomplished chef.


3. If we were able to live on Mars now, would you sign up to go?

MG: What an adventure, but I like this planet…a lot!


4. If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

MG: Everything on a mobile phone except for the phone…and maybe google maps. I deeply lament the decline of that scarcest of resources: attention.


5. If you could speak to everyone in the world at the same time, what would you say?

MG: Humility, kindness and inquisitiveness compound over time like interest on a government bond.


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