GIF17 Videos

In Conversation with Elya Tagar at #GIF17

At Global Ideas Forum 2017, Rangi Di Silva spoke with public health expert Elya Tagar about the need, the importance and the do-ability of finding solutions to improve global health outcomes.

In Conversation with Annie Kia at #GIF17

At Global Ideas Forum 2017, Global Ideas Chair Lloyd Nash sat down with social change extraordinaire Annie Kia to chat about collective intelligence, how young people can create purposeful change and the “secret sauce” for thriving action groups and successful campaigns.

In Conversation with Maxine Mackintosh at #GIF17

At Global Ideas Forum 2017, Pete Saunders chatted to Maxine Mackintosh about the opportunities and challenges in health innovation and how we can create a culture that supports digital healthcare.

In Conversation with Sharon Friel at #GIF17

At Global Ideas Forum 2017, Sharon Friel sat down with Global Ideas’ Director Naveen Tenneti for a broad-ranging discussion about public health, the way corporations can both help and hinder climate change action, the power of collective action, and her career path from designer of an electronic nose to Professor of Health Equity.