global ideas forum is without doubt one of the most informative, innovative, engaging and fun ways to contribute to the important global health issues of our time
— prof rob moodie am

Achieving health equity in the age of digital disruption.
The University of Melbourne, Arts West
September 14-16th 2018

3 days
300 interdisciplinary participants
40 speakers

Global Ideas Forum is a foundational crash-course on cutting-edge global health thinking, presented by leading global experts and home-grown innovators from a diverse array of industries and perspectives.

The year the Forum will focus on achieving health equity in the age of digital disruption. Our global society is undergoing a technological revolution, which is changing many aspects of our community. This provides a significant opportunity to meet the aim of achieving health equity, however also presents significant risks for worsening inequality and health outcomes for those left behind. As global health practitioners, we require new skills to understand and harness technology to achieve the promise of health for all.

Our theme will be therefore be explored through the lens of technological disruption in our work, in our understanding of the truth and our access to disruptive technologies.

GIF18 will empower delegates to achieve health equity through an understanding of:
How to transform the global health career, using human centred design to create social impact,
How to maintain a shared commitment to universal goals in the age of alternative facts, and
How to harness technology to achieve health equity by leaving no-one behind.

Global Ideas Forum takes an action oriented approach to the delivery of our content with sharp eye on the drivers of poor health outcomes and the range of potential responses with a strong call to action for the Global Ideas community and beyond. The Forum content is organised around five different pathways to action; Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, Community Development and Policy.

The Forum will inspire its next generation audience through engaging keynote presentations, thought-provoking interactive panel discussions and intimate small group skill building workshops. Our formats and content are designed to create lasting connections in the Global Ideas community and new knowledge and skills to enhance our individual and collective capacity to shape change for healthier lives, communities and planet.

This year will also see the evolution of Design Sprints at the Forum, our crash-course in design thinking for global health. Design Sprints will see interdisciplinary teams presented with a real-world challenge and invited to apply the philosophy, tools and methods of design thinking to develop an innovative approach to tackling the challenge. We can’t wait to see the outcomes!

See you at the Forum in 2018.