global ideas forum is without doubt one of the most informative, innovative, engaging and fun ways to contribute to the important global health issues of our time
— prof rob moodie am

Our popular annual conference. A foundational crash-course on cutting-edge global health thinking, presented by leading global experts and home-grown innovators from a diverse array of industries and perspectives.

We bring together international and local experts from a range of fields – from journalism, bioethics, emergency relief, economics, design and business. The Forum exposes all of the factors and players in health and empowers our participants to connect the dots in innovative ways.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation of global health innovators to take their next step in the global health space and become agents of change.

We define our participants not by their professions but rather by their passions.

Our participants are:

  • Adventurers who seek new opportunities far and wide and are inspired by the examples set by multinational NGOs like Doctors without Borders;
  • Leaders who seek to articulate plans on the national and international level through political institutions and international organisations like the UN and the WHO;
  • Campaigners fomenting movements of people galvanized by injustice and inequity, creating change from outside our modern day bureaucracies;
  • Community organisers who seek to drive change through empowering communities to be the change they wish to see;
  • Entrepreneurs who are visionary and idealistic, charting an ambitious course into the future spurred by modern day champions.