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Publishing for global health — what I learned from a month at The Lancet

The practice of medicine has changed dramatically in the last two centuries. Whilst the early 19th century was marked by accomplishment in the field of arts and culture, healthcare didn’t enjoy such quantum leaps; surgery was literally butchery without anaesthetics, and infections, though ubiquitous, were neither understood nor treated effectively. It was in this era… Continue reading.

How can we use consumer psychology to tackle global health issues?

Consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier is a keynote speaker at the Global Ideas Forum this weekend. He wants us to consider how we can use consumer psychology to facilitate better health outcomes. You’d have to be living in a cave not to have heard of the ice bucket challenge. (For the troglodytes among us: the procedure… Continue reading.

Why innovation is essential for a better world (and how you can be part of the movement)

Christian Stenta will speak about social impact at GIF15

Social innovator Christian Stenta is one of 40 brilliant speakers appearing at the Global Ideas Forum later this month. Christian believes that disruptive social initiatives are the only way to create genuine impact in a world that is constantly evolving. The desire to create meaningful social impact is not uncommon. The world is filled with… Continue reading.

How technology will change the world (and why you need to come along for the ride)

Will Dayble will speak about the impact tech has on global health at the Global Ideas Forum 2015.

Serial entrepreneur Will Dayble is one of the inspiring speakers you’ll see at the Global Ideas Forum in October. Will is passionate about social impact and all things digital – and he’s excited about the role technology can play in solving global health issues. The impact technology is having on a global scale is one… Continue reading.