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Publishing for global health — what I learned from a month at The Lancet

The practice of medicine has changed dramatically in the last two centuries. Whilst the early 19th century was marked by accomplishment in the field of arts and culture, healthcare didn’t enjoy such quantum leaps; surgery was literally butchery without anaesthetics, and infections, though ubiquitous, were neither understood nor treated effectively. It was in this era… Continue reading.

What I learned from Global Ideas Forum (2014)

Bridget Nwagbara, former President of the Melbourne Population Health Student Association, reflected on her GIF experiences after attending the Global Ideas Forum 2014. This report was originally published on the MPHSA blog in July 2014. If you have taken on biostatistics, epidemiology and a cocktail of MPH electives, probably you may feel like I do that you… Continue reading.

Chewing the Fat on Obesity in the Pacific

Contrary to common belief, obesity doesn’t only afflict the couch potatoes of the wealthy world. Over the last two decades a growing number of low and middle income countries (LMICs) have seen their populations’ waistlines expand to unhealthy dimensions. In fact, nine out of the ten highest ranking countries in terms of prevalence of adult… Continue reading.