The Global Ideas Labs is a series of events focused on global health challenges. We partner with leading organisations to deliver rich, meaningful and education content. Other partners come from both inside and outside the field of global health and are selected to challenge and inspire the curious and passionate.

Our speakers are some of the brightest minds in their industries and address a multidisciplinary audience who are united to broaden their horizons, expand their networks and become immersed in a real world global health issue.

Places are limited and intimacy is paramount, enabling a focus on interaction and bridging of ideas to action.

Events are run four times per year, cutting across different global health challenges and models of change. With a focus on taking the latest evidence from research and practice, Labs examines the implications for global, regional and local contexts.

The Global Ideas Labs series:

  • Engages a multidisciplinary group of young, passionate people;
  • Puts active and curious individuals in the same room as international global health leaders;
  • Disrupts traditional thinking and pushes novel solutions
  • Creates a community of changemakers for 21st global health challenges; and
  • Is a unique opportunity to meet and inform the next generation of global health leaders.