Upcoming Jams



How do we Jam?

Jams are fun, creative, explorative and collaborative where you “learn by doing” and then pitch your best ideas to our expert panel. A few days before the Jam, we’ll send you the Design Brief, so you’ll have more information about the challenge and the context, and you’ll be ready to jump right in for an action packed day of facilitated design.

We will delve into the culture, beliefs and lives of the people in this community, exploring the factors behind visual impairment and, using the tools and methods of human-centred design, develop solutions to pitch to our partner.

If you’re new to human-centred design, the facilitated, collaborative process will encourage you to think differently about approaching a complex health problem. If you’re experienced, you’ll develop a deep understanding of a key health issue in the global context, and share your expertise to develop solutions.

Tasty vegetarian lunch, all day snacks, materials, and design facilitation are all included.

Get ready to innovate, we can’t wait to see what you create!