Past Jams

Improving eye health in Sri Lanka

Global Ideas Design Jams bring together the health and design communities to work through real challenges affecting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations around the world. By the end of the Jam, we pitch back early prototype solutions to our Program partner after a day of focussed, facilitated human-centred design thinking.

Our Challenge?

In Ulpotha, a rural region in north-eastern Sri Lanka, more than one in three people are visually impaired or blind. Furthermore, vision impairment is potentially preventable or treatable, but less than a third of these people seek eye care resulting in difficulty fully participating in family, community and working life.

At our next Global Ideas Design Jam participants will apply principles of human-centred design to improve clarity of vision in this rural community. The Design Jam is in partnership with the Global Hand Charity, an organisation dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services in South East Asia.

When: SAT, 14th April at 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM

Where: Save the Children33 Lincoln Square, Carlton, VIC 3053

Tickets: $60

Solutions for preventable blindness

How might you apply your everyday skills to solve a real world global health problem?

At the next Global Ideas Design Jam, your challenge is to reduce preventable blindness in rural Ethiopia. No matter what stage of life or industry you’re in, learn how to think differently about global issues and apply your skills to a niche problem.

This Design Jam is in partnership with Fred Hollows Foundation, the leading global organisation for ending avoidable blindness. With a small group of passionate changemakers, we’ll guide you through the process of understanding the problem, building a solution, and pitching it to Fred Hollows Foundation.

At the Design Jam, you’ll work directly with professionals from Fred Hollows Foundation, Design Factory Melbourne and the LUMA foundation – a Human-Centered Design training organisation – to solve a real world challenge provided on the day.
This event is delivered in collaboration with the Fred Hollows Foundation and Design Factory Melbourne.

What is Trachoma?

Trachoma is an infectious disease affecting the eye and a leading global cause of preventable blindness. Fortunately, it can be easily prevented with clean water, soap and excellent hygiene to prevent transmission to the eye. In some rural and poor communities access to water can be limited and families prioritise available water for drinking and cooking. Availability of supplies and equipment that would limit transmission of trachoma are also often very limited: soap, wash stations and towels. Beyond education, what approaches could be employed in low resource settings to engage households and whole communities in effective change in hygiene and sanitation practices?

Who is Facilitating?

Patrick Sharburgh (LUMA Institute)

Patrick is a senior program director with the Pittsburgh-based LUMA Institute, where he helps companies and organisations around the world accelerate their innovation capabilities using the methods and mindsets of human-centered design. He is an independent strategic design consultant working with clients ranging from the Victorian government to schools and universities, the legal sector, and NGOs. He also lectures in RMIT University’s Executive MBA program, where he teaches Design Thinking for Business. In addition, Patrick is the organiser of the 850-member Melbourne meetup group Design Thinking for Business Innovation, and is a regular speaker on topics ranging across the fields of innovation and design thinking.


SAT, June 17th at 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM


Save the Children Australia, Ground Floor, 33 Lincoln Square South, Carlton VIC 3053. Maps.


$60 – includes Lunch, snacks, materials, facilitation & certificate

Design a solution for better mental health

Global Ideas Design Jams offer a unique, value-packed opportunity to learn the fundamentals of design thinking, providing you with new skills to lead, innovate and drive change in your field.

This Design Jam will give you the chance to solve a real life problem relating to mental health in rural India. Closer to the date, we’ll let you know more about the challenge and the context, with a pre-Jam briefing kit so you’re ready to run.

Jams are facilitated by industry experts: people from the field who help you tackle a real global health challenge. Together with participants from every background (think engineering, commerce, health, the arts, marketing and more) you will “learn by doing”.

In a supportive environment at the innovative Design Factory Melbourne, Jams are fun, creative, explorative and collaborative. You also get the opportunity to pitch your idea to our expert panel of design and development leaders.

Lunch, snacks, materials, teaching, facilitation and certification are all included in the price. Get ready to innovate; we can’t wait to see what you create.

This event is delivered in collaboration with the Nossal Institute for Global Health and Design Factory Melbourne.

When: SAT, 25th at 8:45 AM – 3:30 PM

WhereSave the Children33 Lincoln Square, Carlton, VIC 3053

Tickets: $65 – this includes Lunch, snacks, materials, facilitation & certification