How to conference


The program is full to the brim, so to maximise your experience by attending the sessions of highest interest, you’ll need to be organised. Can’t decide which presenters you want to see? Look to our personas for help.



Bring a notebook (digital or old-school), because, although there won’t be a test on your attainment, you might like to note down some great quote or organisations to look into after the Forum. Also make sure you bring your phone charger, because all that hashtag gif15 action on social media is going to drain your battery. Don’t stress though, we’ve got WiFi covered because we don’t want to drain your data too. Thankfully MCEC has dozens of powerpoints too. Literally. We counted. Bring some cash to buy lunch nearby (like here, here, or here), or better yet, pack a lunchbox. And there’s no dress code, so just come wearing whatever will make you feel comfortable and confident.


It’s going to be a full-on 48 hours. Be prepared to artificially energise yourself. We have morning and afternoon tea breaks to get refuelled.



Global Ideas Forum isn’t a 3 day lecture. The session types vary from keynote, to panel discussions to Find your Niche workshops, and Reimagine time group sessions. All of these offer a unique way for you to interact and apply human centred design to solving global health issues.


The Forum includes the Friday evening meet-and-greet, and Saturday night has a party planned. You don’t want to miss out on the moment when somebody pulls out the Carlton Banks.


Speak up

Whether asking questions during a workshop or chatting over a coffee between sessions, there’s nothing stopping you talking to the expert speakers. They are, after all, attending the Forum because they want to share their story and are likely to enjoy a bit of banter from someone who shows an interest.



You never know who might be sitting next to you. Move beyond small talk and have a natural conversation that might lead to interesting discussion or even an opportunity to connect over a project after the Forum.

Follow up

On that note… make the most of those new connections and stay in touch with the people you met over the three days. Networks need to be nurtured!



Leave preconceptions at the door. This isn’t a medical conference for young MDs, it’s #GIF15. We are an interdisciplinary community of young innovators, looking for new ways to improve health for all, through human centred design of products and systems. This is global health, reimagined.