Here’s why your work should pay for your #GIF16 ticket (& how you can convince them)


Here’s the deal. You want to attend Global Ideas Forum 2016. You want your company to pay for it. Or at least part of it. Is that too much to ask?


Not at all, assuming there is some ROI (return on investment) for your employer and you can state it ahead of time and demonstrate it upon return.


Will the answer be “yes”? Maybe or maybe not. But it’ll definitely be “no” if you don’t ask.


So how do you ask your boss to let you attend the Forum and have the company back you?




Dear Boss,

There is an interdisciplinary leadership and global health conference in September that I’d like to attend – Global Ideas Forum 2016 at University of Melbourne.

The conference theme is Identity: The Many Faces of Global Health. Some of the session topics are [a. b. c – find some relevant to your job]. There are also some brilliant speakers and organisations involved, including [a, b, c – find some relevant to your job].

The Forum could really help me in my role within the company to find new ways of problem solving and collaborating, to identify sources of new business, and to refine how we can use purpose and social impact strategy to gain a new competitive advantage in the industry.

Check out the conference website at I have also been following the conference twitter stream @globideas and there is a lot of buzz about this event!

Tickets are less than $250 and because it runs over the weekend, it won’t involve taking time out of my work schedule. The return on investment will be invaluable.


Your name


We can’t wait to see you there!


amelia moulis, Community Lead