Dhesi Raja

dhesi raja

Dr Dhesi Baha Raja is a Public Health Medicine Physician who is passionate about data science and Artificial Intelligence. Dhesi co-founded AIME (Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology) to identify deadly outbreaks three months in advance and geo-locate these to a 400-meter radius and has attended global summits to discuss his work. He was personally invited by Angela Merkel to guide the G20 and German Government in the field of anti-microbial resistance, and the use of technology to solve global grand challenges in Healthcare.

Dr Dhesi participated in drafting  the Sustainable Development Goals for the United Nations office in New York and Geneva and was recently awarded as one of the Top 10 Exceptional Scientist by the United Nations during the 2016 UN General Assembly.

Recently, Dhesi has also been appointed as the Technical Adviser (Healthtech) to the Minister of Health in Malaysia. Find Dhesi at #GIF18 on various sessions under the Technology and Health Equity sub-theme, including the Keynote address, the panel discussion, and the breakout session “How might we use artificial intelligence for global health?”