Alison Livingstone

alison livingstone

Dr Alison Livingstone is a Senior Service and Strategic Designer with a focus on developing and applying Human Centred Design (HCD) practices to real world problems.

Whilst completing her PhD and working as a HCD researcher at the Queensland University of Technology, she explored human behaviours in complex environments in order to understand how to positively influence these. This grounding in research is now applied as a Service Designer where she uses quantitative and qualitative HCD research techniques to identify and understand complex business problems in order to design for customers.

As a Service Designer in both the Health and General Insurance fields she has created physical customer experiences, insurance products, services and strategies which always place the user and their needs at their core.

See Alison as the main speaker to Design Sprints, as well as being the facilitator for the Sprint challenge – How might we prevent the transmission of drug resistant Tuberculosis in rural Papua New Guinea?