Ajay Mahal

ajay mahal

Ajay Mahal is Professor of Health Economics and Health Systems at the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne. Ajay has previously served as the Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Chair of Global Health at Monash University and as an Associate Professor at Harvard University, and holds degrees in Economics from Columbia University and the University of Delhi.

Ajay has researched health financing and health sector reform, household and national level impacts of ill health, ageing and its implications for health systems, and the design and evaluation of health system interventions. He has engaged in health system and policy research projects in Bangladesh, Botswana, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

You can see Ajay as the Closing Keynote speaker for #GIF18. You can also see him on the Technology and Health Equity panel and the breakout session How might we better evaluate health system interventions to improve health coverage?