Victor Sojo

Dr. Victor Sojo

Gender Equality Program, Centre for Ethical Leadership

Dr. Victor Sojo is the lead researcher in the CEL’s Gender Equality Program. He has conducted empirical research, meta-analyses and literature reviews in the areas of gender equality at work and organisational diversity management.

Dr. Sojo represents the CEL in several diversity and gender equality research projects with industry partners and speaks extensively about his research at academic conferences and industry events. He is currently conducting research on perceptions of power, essentialist beliefs, and discrimination of women in occupational settings.

In addition to his position as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at CEL, Victor is an Honorary Fellow at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Prior to joining CEL, Victor was a Senior Lecturer in research methods in psychology at the Central University of Venezuela, and worked as a researcher for the KidsMatter Project at the Australian Psychological Society. He has also worked as project manager in organisational development consulting for mining and energy corporations in Venezuela, including CVG EDELCA, CVG ALCASA and CORPOELECT.

Victor completed his PhD in Psychology at the University of Melbourne, working on human resilience to stress, positive emotions, and health. He undertook a Master of Science in Health Psychology, researching the impact of risk and protective factors on the health of unemployed individuals at the Simon Bolivar University, in Venezuela, and completed a Bachelor of Science in Industrial / Organisational Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) at the Central University of Venezuela.