Tim France

tim france

Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance / Managing Director, Inís Communication

Tim is a wayward scientist and Managing Director of Inís Communication, where he helps global health initiatives achieve greater impact and visibility. He is presently leading communications at the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance, Health Systems Global and the Access and Delivery Partnership (UNDP/PATH/TDR). He brings together over 20 years experience in science, public health and development, including several landmark civil society projects. Prior to starting the non-profit Health & Development Networks and the firm Inís Communication, Tim held positions with the World Health Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS and UNAIDS, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, and the Foundation du Présent. He has been Scientific Editor of two popular international scientific journals: the British Journal of Haematology and the European Journal of Cancer, and has been an approved technical editor at WHO since 1993.

Tim obtained his PhD through research at the University of Wales College of Medicine, studying the molecular mechanisms underlying prostate and breast cancer. He has written numerous reports, papers and book chapters, as well as many news, features and perspective pieces on international health policy.

Originally from London, he has worked in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, and migrated to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand fifteen years ago.

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