Find your niche GIF 2016

find your niche

Now its time to find your niche. We have designed a range of smaller workshops based around 5 personas. This will allow you to further explore your passions and gain some tangible skills. Maybe you have a persona that suits you and you may wish to stick with this over the weekend. If you aren’t quite sure and wish to dabble in a few than this is fine too. Either way there will certainly be a range of workshops that will take your fancy!

grassroots greg 

Are you constantly challenging yourself with new experiences in diverse settings?
Do you believe that the strongest push for sustainable development requires both global and local community involvement?
Do you get your hands dirty, rather than chewing the fat and are impressed by the work of on-the-ground NGOs?

The find your niche with Grassroots Greg.

Join Greg in attending sessions featuring these speakers to learn more about international aid and empowering citizens to solve their own challenges:

Radhika Santhanam-Martin 

Clinical Psychologist, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health

Silvana Izzo

Service Development Consultant, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health

DR Mary Belfrage

Medical Director, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

Jenny Jamieson 

Emergency Doctor, Medecins Sans Frontieres

Lindah Jury 

International Health Coordinator for Australian Red Cross

Michael Denison 

Biomedical Engineer, International Committee of the Red Cross

policy poh 

Do you look towards politics and legislation governed by large organisations like the United Nations and the World Health Organisation as major levers for change?
Do you believe community change happens through a systems level change?
Do theories and evidence guide your thinking and professional relationships with key leaders facilitate your mission?

Then find your niche with Policy Poh!

Join Poh in attending sessions featuring these speakers to learn more about what’s important in the world of policies, systems and legislation:

Katie Greenwood 

Associate Director Strategy & Advocacy, Oxfam

Evelyn De Leeuw

Editor in Chief at Health Promotion International, Professor & Director, CHETRE

Daniel Webb 

Director of Legal Advocacy, Human Rights Law Centre


carlos the campaigner 

Are you driven by a desire to influence and sway people’s opinions on a large scale?
Do you want to bring about change through mass movement from outside modern bureaucracies?
Are you looking for networking opportunities  and a chance to share your story?

Then find your niche with Carlos the Campaigner!

Join Carlos in attending sessions featuring these speakers to learn more about how to disrupt current models and be heard on a large scale:

Robert Wood

Director, Centre For Ethical Leadership

Amrita Hepi 

Performer and Activist

Tal Fitzpatrick 

Artist and Activist, Igniting Change

Margaret Mayhew

Researcher, LaTrobe University

enterprising erin 

Do you want to be part of a global social movement that bridges private wealth and social entrepreneurship in order to create a sustainable future?
Do you want to leverage the crucial role that philanthropists and corporate bodies have in mobilising large groups of people towards common goals?

The find your niche with Enterprising Erin!

Join Erin in attending sessions featuring these speakers to learn more about mobilising people and being part of a global social movement:

Victor Sojo 

Gender Equality Program, Centre for Ethical Leadership

Chris Eigeland 

UN Youth Ambassador

Russell Shields 

ASRC Food Justice Truck Manager

insha the inventor

Do you have the tools to make a lasting footprint, but don’t know which avenues are available and will have the best social impact?
Do you want to learn more about sustainable living and take an interest in novel approaches to improving health outcomes?
Do you want to collaborate with others to create innovative solutions to global health challenges?

The find your niche with Insha the Inventor.

Join Insha in attending sessions featuring these speakers to learn more about combining skills, social impact and improving health outcomes:

Tori Berquist

Programming Coordinator (Vic) – Out for Australia

Sally Goldner 

Executive Director, Transgender Victoria

William Leonard

Director, Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria

Roz Ward

Manager and Co-founder Safe Schools Coalition Victoria

Professor Paul Torzillo

Board Member, the Fred Hollows Foundation, Medical Director, Nganampa Health Council, Executive Clinical Director, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,  Director, Health Habitat