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Want to end social violence? We all need to work towards cultural change

Some of the Step Back Think team

Ben O’Toole, Juliette Wittich, Karen Turner, Anna O’Halloran, Coco Bernard and Matthew Hughes of Step Back Think; a not-for-profit dedicated to ending social violence.   Type into Google “one-punch Australia” or “king-hit Australia” and you’re immediately served with countless news articles: A fractured skull. A lost eye. Broken teeth. Brain injuries. Concussion. Death.   All… Continue reading.

Legislation, education or emojis: How can we encourage positive food habits in children?

Ange Barry, CEO at Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, with a student from one of the schools in the Foundation’s programme.   Have you seen the recent video of 10-year old Charlotte suggesting veteran British broadcaster Andrew Neil hasn’t been “educated properly”? The segment was part of a wider debate around a “sugar tax” introduced in… Continue reading.

Future Australian leaders called upon to reimagine Asia Pacific health in the 21st century.

Future Australian leaders called upon to reimagine Asia Pacific health in the 21st century. Melbourne, VIC, Monday 12 October 2015 Hundreds of delegates will meet later this month in Melbourne to “reimagine our region’s health” as part of the 2015 Global Ideas Forum. They will be joined by over 40 leading thinkers from Australia and… Continue reading.

What I learned from Global Ideas Forum (2014)

Bridget Nwagbara, former President of the Melbourne Population Health Student Association, reflected on her GIF experiences after attending the Global Ideas Forum 2014. This report was originally published on the MPHSA blog in July 2014. If you have taken on biostatistics, epidemiology and a cocktail of MPH electives, probably you may feel like I do that you… Continue reading.

How to conference

Plan The program is full to the brim, so to maximise your experience by attending the sessions of highest interest, you’ll need to be organised. Can’t decide which presenters you want to see? Look to our personas for help. Pack Bring a notebook (digital or old-school), because, although there won’t be a test on your… Continue reading.

Creating a brand with meaning is more than just a fancy logo (although that helps too)

Three years ago I made the conscious decision to move to Melbourne and start a career in some kind of creative work. I had a Masters degree in Visual Communication, a smattering of internationally published work and clients but no real understanding of the world I was getting myself into. Creative fields, particularly design, are… Continue reading.