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Want to end social violence? We all need to work towards cultural change

Some of the Step Back Think team

Ben O’Toole, Juliette Wittich, Karen Turner, Anna O’Halloran, Coco Bernard and Matthew Hughes of Step Back Think; a not-for-profit dedicated to ending social violence.   Type into Google “one-punch Australia” or “king-hit Australia” and you’re immediately served with countless news articles: A fractured skull. A lost eye. Broken teeth. Brain injuries. Concussion. Death.   All… Continue reading.

How can we use consumer psychology to tackle global health issues?

Consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier is a keynote speaker at the Global Ideas Forum this weekend. He wants us to consider how we can use consumer psychology to facilitate better health outcomes. You’d have to be living in a cave not to have heard of the ice bucket challenge. (For the troglodytes among us: the procedure… Continue reading.