Maxine Mackintosh

maxine mackintosh

Managing Director & Co-Founder, One Healthtech

Maxine Mackintosh is a self-described health technology fanatic. She fills her time as a PhD student – a course which she found through a Facebook ad! – at University College London, exploring data science as a new approach to dementia research.

If that weren’t impressive enough, she’s also a Co-Founder and Managing Director. Her organisation, One Healthtech, is a network of over 11, 000 people promoting and supporting women and other underrepresented groups in health technology and innovation in the UK. She’s also involved in a handful of side projects, working across big pharma, the British Computer Society, and he World Economic Forum.

At  #GIF17, Maxine will be delving into how big data, algorithms and technology in general are impacting large scale changes in health equity.