Jeremy Youde

Jeremy Youde

Department of International Relations, Australian National Univeristy

Jeremy Youde is a political scientist in global health, a passionate runner, and a self-professed bowtie enthusiast.

Jeremy is currently based at ANU, operating as a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director for education. Prior to that he held positions at various universities in the United States, primarily as a Professor of Political Science. His work primarily focuses on the politics of global health and seeks to further understand how the international community responds to infectious disease outbreaks.

He’s also an expert communicator and prolific writer. He’s the author of three books and is currently working on a fourth, slated for release in early 2018. In addition to his academic writing he has penned articles and pieces for Time, Vox, Slate and ABC radio, and is worthwhile follow on Twitter.  

At #GIF17, Jeremy will be leading a not-to-be-missed workshop titled ‘how might we strengthen global health governance in the Trump era?’.