Jaine and Ashleigh Morris

Jaine and Ashleigh Morris

Founders, The Circular Experiment


Ashleigh Morris is an experienced and talented environmental management consultant. She has managed multi-million dollar, international projects and has won numerous industry awards. Ashleigh’s primary interests are in circularity, environmental and waste management, urban innovation, public policy and social entrepreneurship, which she has widely spoken and written about.

Jaine Morris has an extensive background in remote nursing, and has delivered personal healthcare in some of Australia’s most isolated areas. Her innate communication and interpersonal skills saw her welcomed into the culture of the Kuuku Ya’u people from the Cape York region, a feat of which she is immensely proud.

In 2017, Ashleigh and Jaine founded The Circular Experiment. The organisation seeks to support and cultivate small business innovation through the implementation of the circular economy.


At #GIF17, Ashleigh and Jaine will be joining a panel on sustainability and global health, as well as running a workshop on circulating a ‘waste-not want-not’ model to improve global health.