Harry Jennens

Harry Jennens

Founders, Healthy Futures

Harry Jennens is a GP registrar. As part of his time at University of Melbourne, he worked in India and was inspired by the people-centric approach he found there. He was also inspired by a campaigner from Bangladesh who spoke of the impact of climate change on his nation. Since then he’s volunteered with Doctors for the Environment and the Climate and Health Alliance.

Kate Lardner is a Melbourne-based surgical resident. She initially undertook medicine with a desire to improve healthcare for those living in poverty. After being exposed to the fields of policy and health funding, she began to realise her interest and passion for climate change and soon took action.

In 2014 the pair  co-founded Healthy Futures, an organisation of health professionals and community members campaigning for direct and adequate action in relation to climate change. The organisation strategically engages those in the community concerned about the health effects of climate change and empowers them to collectively take action. The organisation is currently campaigning for HESTA and First State Super to divest from fossil fuels and has run several large, widespread campaigns.

At #GIF17 Kate and Harry will be running a workshop on how to create social and political change to protect and improve global health.