Elya Tagar

elya tagar

Senior Director for HIV, TB, and Health Financing, CHAI

“Global health represents one of humanity’s ultimate tests. We all say and personally believe that all life is equally valuable; global health tests us to prove that we mean it”.

Elya Tagar has had a broad, exciting career in public health, primarily working in strategy and consulting. After receiving a Master of International Affairs he worked briefly with McKinsey and Co. before joining the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and is currently serving as Senior Director for HIV, TB and Health Financing.

Prior to moving back to Melbourne, Elya worked as a Country Manager and Regional Director in Congo and Senegal, where he managed CHAI’s HIV work. During this period, he helped CHAI partner countries secure over $4bn in funding for HIV, TB, and Malaria.

Aside from his incredible professional record, Elya is a thought-leader and proponent for a cross-sectional public health sector.

“We need you to be as effective as you can be, in what you are best at. Know what you are good at, know what makes you energised, and know what the world needs. Look for the sweet spot where the three meet, and there you will be most effective”, he said in our recent interview with him.

At #GIF17, Elya will be delivering a keynote on ‘Building a strong foundation for health equity in low and middle income countries”.