Alexandra Iljadica

Alexandra Iljadica

Co-founder & CEO, Youth Food Movement Australia

In her own words, Alexandra Iljadica “thinks about food and its impact on the world a lot”.

In 2011, along with her friend Joanna Baker, she decided to create a platform to run food education projects for young people to put those thoughts into action. Youth Food Movement has blossomed since then, and has built knowledge and skills around food and sustainability for thousands of Australians.

Whether it’s educating people on personal health, engaging the community in open live events, or upskilling future food leaders, the organisation is opening a discussion on sustainably sourced produce that might not otherwise occur.

While she was growing the organisation, Alexandra worked in tertiary education. Most recently she was based at the University of Sydney Business School, where she headed up the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program’s research portfolio.

At this year’s Forum Alexandra will join several other speakers in discussing food security and global health, seeking answers to the questions that arise from the challenge of feeding a ballooning global population sustainably.